Kol paruošiau šitą įrašą, garsas apie ChatRoulette.com ėmė aidėti po visą internetą. ChatRoulette – tai galimybė sekundėlei įsibrauti į kito žmogaus gyvenimą, kažkoks šaltas natūralizmas ir amžinas, betikslis judėjimas pirmyn per žmones – kaip daiktus:

The site activates your webcam automatically; when you click “start” you’re suddenly staring at another human on your screen and they’re staring back at you, at which point you can either choose to chat (via text or voice) or just click “next,” instantly calling up someone else. The result is surreal on many levels. Early ChatRoulette users traded anecdotes on comment boards with the eerie intensity of shipwreck survivors, both excited and freaked out by what they’d seen. There was a man who wore a deer head and opened every conversation with “What up DOE!?” A guy from Sweden was reportedly speed-drawing strangers’ portraits. Someone with a guitar was improvising songs for anyone who’d give him a topic. One man popped up on people’s screens in the act of fornicating with a head of lettuce. Others dressed like ninjas, tried to persuade women to expose themselves, and played spontaneous transcontinental games of Connect Four. Occasionally, people even made nonvirtual connections: One punk-music blogger met a group of people from Michigan who ended up driving eleven hours to crash at his house for a concert in New York. And then, of course, fairly often, there was this kind of thing: “I saw some hot chicks then all of a sudden there was a man with a glass in his butthole.” I sing the body electronic.

iš [Sam Anderson: Is ChatRoulette the Future of the Internet or Its Distant Past? New York Magazine](http://nymag.com/news/media/63663/)

„Siurealu“ yra tinkamiausias žodis apibūdinti ChatRoulette pasauliui: chatroulette.tumblr.com\ Daugiau šia tema (nuorodų + video) neblogai parašyta Kevin Kelly The Techniumįraše.